When do I use a capital letter after a quotation mark?

For example, in this sentence so I must to use capital letters after each quotation mark? Also, do I must to put a comma after the exclamation mark?

These is the sentence: They often said, “What a beautiful car you got!” “You have a good Mustang.”?

1 Answer
May 2, 2016

Pretend the quotation marks are invisible and see if there's an end to the sentence.


Quotation marks don't end a sentence; you can begin or end a quote in the middle of a sentence. (She said "Please stop!" to the policeman.) Even the presence of an exclamation point, question mark or ellipsis doesn't necessarily end a sentence, if there's more to say after the closing quotes. Determine whether the sentence is actually completed before beginning the next one with a capital. Your example is clearly two sentences and is correct, except for that stray question mark at the very end which serves no apparent purpose.