When you delete a message after sending it to someone ,is the message visible to the person whom we send the message ?

1 Answer
Apr 11, 2017


Kind of.


The thing to keep in mind about personal notes is that they trigger an email. So every time you send someone a note on Socratic, they will get

  • a bell notification
  • an email that contains the text of the note

When you delete a note, the contributor can no longer see the note itself on your conversation history page, but he can see its content in the email.

Mind you, users must confirm that they want to receive personal message emails from their Email Settings for this to happen.

To sum this up, if a contributor has the Personal Message Emails button set to ON on their Email Setting page, then they will get an email when you send them a note regardless if you delete the note or not.

So the answer to your question is yes, users can still see notes you've deleted if they agreed to get personal message emails from Socratic.