When you have an upset stomach, you might take an antaci to feel better. Based on the properties of an antacid, explain why an antacid can be an effective remedy?

1 Answer
Dec 13, 2016

An antacid might be an effective remedy for an upset stomach because it neutralizes stomach acid.


Upset stomach or dyspepsia is a group of symptoms that often includes bloating, nausea and burping.

It is usually caused by stomach acid (which is mostly hydrochloric acid) contacting the sensitive inner lining of the stomach.

Stomach acids break down this lining, causing irritation and inflammation, and this triggers the symptoms of upset stomach.

Antacids are bases. They relieve the symptoms by neutralizing the stomach acid.

Examples of antacids in many medications are #"CaCO"_3, "Mg(OH)"_2, "Al(OH)"_3#, and #"NaHCO"_3#.