When you insert an image, a line pops up that asks for the image source to be inserted. What exactly is to be placed here?

When I try to insert the url of the site where I found the image, my image disappears! What am I doing wrong? I realize we are expected to have the proper credit for the image, but am puzzled by the disappearance of the image when I try.

1 Answer
Oct 16, 2017


The URL of the website that hosts the image.


The image disappears because you're using the URL of the image instead of the URL of the website.

The idea here is that anything that any URL ends in png, jpg, gif and so on is the URL of the image, not the URL of the website.

So, for example, let's say that you want to add this image to the answer.


Here's what you get by using the Filepicker.

enter image source here

Now, if you add the URL of the image where it says Enter image source here, you will get

enter image source here

So in order to get this right, you need the URL of the website, which, in this case, would be #-># https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia

enter image source here

Now the image doesn't disappear anymore and you can add the image and the source to the answer.