Which scenario is an example of responsible human stewardship of the environment?

a. A farming co-operative sprays an insecticide over its fields to prevent a possible infestation of insects that destroy crops.

b. A landscaping company introduces an alien species to a new region in order to increase the ground cover in the area.

c. A logging company clears a forested area of trees and leaves bare slopes for new plants to grown on.

d. A mining company replaces the soil and vegetation it removed while digging a pit mine to remove coal

e. An electrical company allows heated water that was used in the power plant's cooling systems to enter a local lake.

1 Answer
May 15, 2018



The mining company in replacing the soil is responsible stewardship of the environment. Leaving the scares from the mining open would allow erosion destroying the environment and making new plant life difficult. Also the erosion could carry residues from the mining downstream poisoning the water.
By replacing the soil the mining company is preventing erosion and allowing plant life and succession to replenish the environment.