Who was the top Confederate general?

2 Answers
Jun 3, 2017

Robert Lee


Robert Lee was the most crucial general of the Confederate Army, he was extremely clever and helped his side resist much longer to the Northern invasion.

Robert E. Lee


Robert E. Lee commanded the Army of Northern Virginia, for most of the war. The loss of Richmond the capital of the Confederacy would have ended the war quickly. The Eastern front of the war was the most critical theater of the Civil War. The Army of Northern Virginia defended Richmond.

The first battle of the Civil War, the first battle of Bull Run Lee was not in charge. Lee did not gain command until during the Penisula
campaign when the previous general was wounded. Jefferson Davis felt Lee was better suited to planning logistics than battle field command.

Lee won many battles against the Union Armies in Virginia. He only lost the two battles he fought outside of Virginia. Lee won these battles in spite of the Union having more men, better, weapons, and better supplies. Without Lee's leadership the Civil War would have ended much sooner, quite possibly in the first year of the war.