Why are different scales of temperature used?

1 Answer
Dec 31, 2016

They have different uses for differnt people


The Celsius scale is based on two improtant properties of one of the most common compounds on earth: the freezing and point of water, designated #0^oCand100^oC# respectively.

The Fahrenheit scale is based on an experiment to make a freezing solution (#0^oF#) and the average body temperature of Mrs. Fahrenheit (#100^oF#). Only Americans still use it, as far as I know.

The Kelvin scale is based on the lowest possible temperature, the so-called absolute zero. The distance between degree marks is the same as in the Celsius scale. #0K~~-273.15^oC#).

The Celsius scale is used for everyday life. Using the Kelvin scale in chemistry and physics makes us avoid a lot of awkwardness in calculations.