Why are functional groups important?

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May 3, 2018

Just because the main reason is that they form the fundamental of a organic molecule, Functional groups are important.


Just like bricks, cement etc are the most important constituencies to build a house, Just like that in the sphere of Organic chemistry the presence of Functional groups is also important.

The functional groups make a molecule special deciding on its reactivity and how it interacts with other molecules.

Functional groups determine the following things of a molecule:-
=>Its melting and boiling point
=>The stability of the molecule
=>The reactivity of the molecule
=>The polarity of the molecule.

These are only some of the basis chemical properties and physical properties which can be identified through the presence of a functional group in the organic molecule chain.

The molecules are also grouped on the basis of their functional groups as molecules of the same functional group are tend to show the same properties and different vice versa.

Some important functional groups are:-
Alcohol= OL
Ketone= O
Carboxylic acid= COOH etc..