Why are gymnosperms "naked seed" plants?

2 Answers
Oct 29, 2016

Basically gymnosperms are in an evolutionary status where there are no development of fruits. So seeds remain naked.



Oct 30, 2016

Gymnosperms are seed producing plants that have unenclosed (naked ) seeds , called ovules , in their unfertilised state.


Gymnosperms reproduce by means of an exposed seed or ovule. The seeds of many gymnosperms are borne in cones and are not visible till maturity.

Gymnosperms seeds often develope either on the surface of scales or leaves. These are often modified to form cones , or at the end of short stalks.

Gymnosperms have two spore types
Micro spores : produced by pollen cones.
Mega spores : produced by ovulate cones.