Why can't you click on the person's name, the ones like Someone from the United States to go to their profile? It is always in black, unlike the the other peoples'. Examples down below(?)

You can open this person's profile (but not here since it is a image that I'm putting in):enter image source here

But you can't open this person's profile:
enter image source here

Please help!

1 Answer
Jun 27, 2017

That person isn't logged in to a Socratic account, so they don't have a profile.


When you're signed in to your Socratic account, and you request an answer, ask something, say thanks for an answer, etc., your name shows up as a link (like the first image), and anyone can click on your name to see your profile.

However, if someone who isn't signed in to Socratic or doesn't have an account requests an answer or says thanks, it will show up as "Someone from [their location]" and no profile page link will be available, because they don't have a profile page to link to.

Hope this makes sense :)