Why do noble gases rarely form bonds with other atoms?

1 Answer

Because they don't need to



Group: a column on the periodic table.
Period: a row on the periodic table.
Valence Electrons: electrons in the outermost shell of element, used in bonding


On the periodic table, elements of the same Group will have similar properties to each other. They all usually possess the same maximum number of valence electrons.

In general, many elements (except #"H"# and #"He"#) want to have 8 valence electrons. They will try to gain/lose valence electrons through bonding.

When finding a noble gas, you will notice above the Group that it will say "8A". This stands for what Group you are looking at, like a special name for the Group. The "8" means it is the eighth column, and the "A" means it is a 'main group' element. So if the element already has 8 valence electrons, it is 'satisfied'.

Hope this helped!