Why do you think Lincoln urged generous terms for a Confederate surrender?

1 Answer

To reunite peacefully


It is the same reason as to why Robert E. Lee decided to surrender at Appomattox, because it allows for quick reconciliation. Not only did general Lee refuse Jefferson Davis's order to prolong the war (which he could very well had done, via way of guerilla warfare), but in the end, rather than annihilating one another, the US allowed the Confederate soldiers to return home, no one would be prosecuted or imprisoned, and "officers were allowed to keep their sidearms".


For reconstruction, there were 3 plans:

The question refers to Lincoln's, which was:
"Former Confederate states would be readmitted to the Union if 10% of their citizens took a loyalty oath and the state agreed to ratify the 13th Amendment which outlawed slavery." (https://quizlet.com/3709490/apush-unit-6-vocab-1-32-flash-cards/)

Therefore, you can conclude what I stated before, which would be that Lincoln saw rapprochement between Yankee and Dixie as the most effective way to mend the wounds.