Why is the integumentary system important?

1 Answer
Jun 15, 2016

The Integumentary System is our contact point with the world we live in through, protection, communication, senses, touch, pressure and temperature.


The Integumentary System or skin is the primary line of defense between our bodies and the environment.

The keratinised top layers of skin form a boundary by being dead to keep out bacteria, fungus, viral particles and other pathogens. The skin pigment melanin also protects our body from the effects of ultra-violet radiation.

The skin maintains the moisture of the body by holding in water and keeping the muscular and skeletal and organ systems of the body from desiccation, drying out.

The skin maintains blood pressure and temperature by dilation and constriction of blood vessels (dilation causes release of heat and constriction helps to conserve heat).

The skin cools the body by the secretion of eccrine sweat and the convection of body heat.

The skin secretes wastes through apocrine sweat.

The skin is involved in communication through coloration and touch.

There are receptors present in skin, responsible for sensation of touch, pressure, pain and temperature.