World history-enlightenment: i dont know how to find these answers? i need some1 to check mine please. (answer options listed below Q's). i got all these wrong (except 8, 10, 11) but the ones i put were "second best"/"close but not right" Answers.

(wrong= 5d)
5. 5While drafting their constitutions, what did the National Assembly decide must be done to handle the huge government debt?

a They voted to take over and sell Church lands.

b They agreed to release the French Catholic Church from state control.

c They immediately ended support of middle-class farmers and free trade.

d They seized private property and reclaimed it as government land.

  1. 6How did the Age of Napoleon affect Europe?

a Europe was affected only slightly by cooperating with Napoleon and embracing the ideals of the French Revolution.

b Europe eventually defended itself against Napoleon’s advances, but his conquests spread many of the ideals of the French Revolution.

c European nations saw Napoleon’s armies as liberators and welcomed his advances.

d Napoleon won support of the upper classes, but peasants’ lands were taken away from them.

  1. 7How did the Battle of Waterloo contribute to Napoleon’s downfall?

    a His troops suffered a massive defeat after holding the enemy for nearly 40 days, forcing Napoleon to surrender.

    b After retreating for 1,000 miles from Moscow, Napoleon was killed by his own soldiers.

c After losing nearly 30,000 men, Napoleon’s wife left him—a crushing blow from which he never recovered.

d His troops were crushed in a day-long battle, and Napoleon was forced to abdicate and to go into exile.

8. 8What two major developments in technology played an important role in triggering the Industrial Revolution?

a advances in military weapons and the invention of the automobile

b improved building materials and the discovery of coal

c the invention of the steam engine and improvements in producing iron

d the invention of the train and the improvement of roads across the nation

  1. 9Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in Britain rather than in other European nations or the Americas?

a In addition to resources and technology, Britain had the right economic, political, and social conditions.

b Britain had the largest population and the greatest availability of working-age men.

c Other nations did not have ready access to a large number of ports and waterways.

d European nations provided Britain with funding for many of its technological advancements.

  1. 10How did the introduction of the factory system affect workers’ daily lives?

a Factories provided a relief from farm work because workers performed far fewer tasks per day than farmers did.

b Factory work, with long hours and poor conditions, proved to be even harsher than farm work.

c Factory workers received higher salaries for their work and enjoyed year-round work rather than seasonal farm work.

d The factories’ machines required less maintenance and were much safer for children and women than the farm equipment.

11. 11What is the difference between utilitarianism and socialism?

a Socialism emphasizes individual freedom, and utilitarianism condemns industrial capitalism.

b Socialism states that government should regulate the means of production, and utilitarianism argues that there should be no government.

c Utilitarianism emphasizes individual freedom and the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people, and socialism condemns industrial capitalism.

d Utilitarianism sees class struggle between employers and employees as unavoidable, and socialism states that large social groups maintain peace and justice.

  1. 12Each of the following was an aspect of the Old Order, which greatly appealed to conservatives in the early 1800s, EXCEPT

a the desire for royal families to be restored to the thrones they occupied when Napoleon swept across Europe.

b the support of an established church.

c the support of a social hierarchy in which lower classes respected and obeyed their superiors.

d the promotion of natural rights and constitutional government.

  1. 13Why were the supporters of Louis XVIII, the ultra royalists, unhappy with him?

a He restricted all the freedoms granted by the previous ruler.

b They despised constitutional government and wanted to restore the old regime.

c He revoked the rights of women and allowed poor factory conditions to continue.

d He created a two-house legislature, which they saw as dangerous.

  1. 14What event sparked widespread rebellion in Latin America and provided Latin America with the opportunity to finally reject foreign domination and demand independence?

a Napoleon’s invasion of Spain

b the arrival of European Christian missionaries

c an embargo on trade from Spain’s main trading partners

d the French Revolution

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Mar 15, 2017

I agree with the above except


5a. They voted to take over church lands (they tried to generate paper money based on the value of the church lands after having eliminated many taxes. The strategy was unsuccessful.

6b. Although Revolutionary ideas were well received among many Europeans, Nationalism took hold and with British money and Napoleonic over reach led to the downfall of Napoleon and the re-establishment of many of the Monarchist governments.

I don't have a reference for this but I think this is a better answer.

14a. Napoleon's invasion of Spain put the Upper classes Central and South America in a difficult spot. They chose independence rather than different overlords. They bend the independence movements to their own will.