Sampling Distribution and Statistics

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Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean
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Key Questions

  • The probability distribution of the values of a sample statistic computed from all possible samples of same size is called a sampling distribution.

  • The mean of the sampling distribution of sample mean is #mu#, which is the mean of the population. You could write this as #mu_{bar{x}}=mu#.

    This will be true for a random sample of size #n# taken from the same population.

    Another way of stating this is that the sample mean #\bar{x}# is an unbiased estimator for #mu#.

    One thing this means is that if you take many many random samples of the same size #n# from the same population, about half the values of #\bar{x}# will be larger than #mu# and about half will be smaller than #mu#.

    This fact is related to the law of large numbers.

  • Answer:

    #SD(barx) or SE(barx)=sigma/sqrtn#


    Standard Deviation of the Sampling distribution of Means can be obtained by dividing the Population s.d. σ by the square root of sample size n. it is also called Standard Error SE of Sampling distribution of Means..


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