Phylogenetic Trees

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Key Questions

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    It is a kind evolutive explanation


    A phylogeny a hipothesis based on morphology or molecular analisys that tells you about the evolutionary relationship betwen a group of organisms.

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    It is an evolutionary tree with branching diagrams that gives the relationship between ancestors to descendent( i.e. in chronological order) .


    Long ago our ancestors came into being and then they died . Similarly the plant and trees buried under the earth surface a long time ago. Due to high pressure, temperature and extreme conditions their organic part converted into fossils. Now if we study the fossils we get information about them that when they came and when they died . And so they are placed in that period in which they came like it is said that Dinosaurs came in Jurassic period . So we can know about our ancestors that when they came into being by certain methods using there fossils and this tree is expanding more and more .

  • Ontogeny Repeats Phylogeny also called Recapitulation theory states that the devlopemental history of an organism repeats it's ancestral characters.
    eg - The larva of frog that is Tadpole has tails and respire with gills , it represents that amphibians evolved from Fishes.
    eg - Human embryo has initially 2 chambered heart like fishes , then 3 chambered heart like amphibians , then 3 1/2 like Reptiles and finally 4 chambered heart , it shows our evolution from fishes , amphibians , reptiles.