What are the types of yield symbols in chemical equations?

1 Answer
Dec 22, 2014

There are two basic types of yield symbols used in writing chemical equations. The most common yield symbol is an arrow that is placed after the reactant or reactants
and points in the direction of the products as in the following example: A + B #rarr# AB. This indicates that the reaction goes from the reactants to the products. Sometimes a reaction can occur in both directions (it is reversible), in which case the yield symbol will point in both directions, such as CD #rightleftharpoons# C + D.

Sometimes symbols or words can be included with an arrow, such as the symbol #Delta#, which means heat, and the symbol or name of a catalyst, such as Ni for nickel.

The following link has specific examples: http://www.sartep.com/chem/tutorials/tut.cfm?tutorial=Chemical+Equations&chap=6