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Jan 28, 2015

The density of ethyl alcohol is #"0.904 g/cm"^3#.

A substance's density is defined as mass per unit of volume. You what what volume you've got - #"5.00 mL"#, so all you need to do is determine what is the weight of the sample.

Notice that the weight of the flask changes after you add the ethyl alcohol; the difference between how much the flask weighs with the ethyl alcohol sample and how much it weighs empty is the mass you need.

#m_("ethyl alcohol") = m_("full") - m_("empty") = "23.27 g" - "18.75 g"#

#m_("ethyl alcohol") = "4.520 g"#

All you need to do now is divide this mass by the volume of the sample

#rho_("ethyl alcohol") = ("4.520 g")/("5.00 mL") = "0.904 g/mL"#