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Aug 7, 2015

Density: #"0.8 g/cm"""^3#


Density is defined as mass per unit of volume, which means that, in order to determine the density of the apple, all you have to do is divide its mass by its volume.

You know that the apple has a mass of #"60 g"# and a volume of #"75 cm"""^3#, which means that you can write

#rho = m/V#

#rho = "60 g"/"75 cm"""^3 = color(green)("0.8 g/cm"""^3)#

This means that each cubic centimeter of the apple has a mass of 0.8 g.

SIDE NOTE I don't know why the problem provided a temperature, so I assume that maybe some information is missing or that there's more to the problem than just determining the apple's density.