Why study of biology is so important ?

1 Answer

Biology actually helps to know about the processes those are going in your body.


Suppose you are reading about cells, that makes you know about the cell and their functions.

Nextly, while you study on nutrition, you have a idea about about balance diet, which is very important.

while you study on digestion, that gives you the idea that when to eat, what type of combination u will have in your diet.
Such topics are necessary to know.

oh, drugs are also the topics of Biology. You get to know which types of drugs affects your body, how smoking deposits cholesterol in arteries...

And during the study of reproduction, u get astonished when u find that A simple cell is turned into a human being. that generation is continued.
The plant sections are also vital, so that while farming or tree plantation, you have a idea where to put a plant...
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