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Mar 24, 2017

The question is not very clear.

Anyway, electric charges are always conserved in nature.
Electric charges can neither be created and nor be destroyed.


Charges are conserved.

This is an exact law of nature.

Net charge of this universe is conserved. Also, the local charge has to be conserved.

Some charge shouldn't just disappear at Delhi at a moment and then the next moment, they would reappear at Moscow. Such things are absurd.

An elegant mathematical representation of the local conservation of charge is the charge continuity equation which is as follows,

#(delrho)/(delt) + nabla*vec J = 0#

Where #rho# is the charge density and #J# is the current density in the region.

Considering local charge conservation, the law of conservation of system may be a little modified as,

The net charge of an isolated system is conserved.

This is often used as the statement of the law in many textbooks.