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Nov 25, 2016


200g of NaCl is produced.


First, convert 200g Na into moles of Na. According to the periodic table, 1 mole of Na has a mass of #22.989# g.

Next multiply by the mole ratio. According to the balanced equation, for every 2 moles of Na, 2 moles of NaCl are produced.

Then convert moles of NaCl to grams. Again according to the periodic table, the mass of NaCl is #22.989#g #+35.45#g #=58.439#g.

#(200"g Na")/1 * (1 "mole Na")/(22.989 "g Na") * (2 "moles NaCl")/(2 "moles Na") *( 58.439 "g NaCl")/(1 "mole NaCl") #

#(200cancel"g Na")/1 * (1 color(red)(cancel"mole Na"))/(22.989 cancel"g Na") * (2 color(blue)cancel"moles NaCl")/(2 cancelcolor(red)("moles Na")) *( 58.439 "g NaCl")/(1 color(blue)cancel"mole NaCl") #

#= 508.4"g NaCl" ~~ 500 "g NaCl"#

Round the answer to one significant figure, because the amount given in the problem, 200g, has only one sig fig.