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May 27, 2017

#"Review the animation and look at the explanation section."#


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#"Kinetic energy of ball..."#

  1. Firstly, to advise you to carefully review the animation.
  2. the blue vector you are seeing at animation above represents the velocity of ball.
  3. The magnitude of the velocity vector decreases in the ascent zone and increases in the descent zone.
  4. The kinetic energy of an object is directly proportional to the square of its velocity.
  5. The greatest value of velocity is at ground level .
  6. The velocity value at the peak is zero.
  7. You can calculate ball's velocity at any time using the formula :
    #E_k=1/2*m*v^2 " m:mass , v:velocity"#
  8. The ball has the greatest kinetic energy level at ground level.
  9. Kinetic energy increases as the object ascends, and decreases as the object descends.

#"Potential energy of ball..."#

  1. When the object is at ground level, the potential potential of gravity is assumed to be zero.
  2. If an object moves up from the ground level, the potential energy increases.
  3. You can calculate the potential energy of the oven using the formula:

#E_p=m g h" m:mass , h:height from ground level" #

4.Potential energy of object at ground level is zero.
5. the potential energy of an object at peak height is maximum.

Note: The total energy of the ball does not increase or decrease.