How could we replace non-renewable resources?

1 Answer
Apr 9, 2017

More efficient use of the nonrenewable resource or finding a replacement for non-renewable resources.


If we, for example, have a car in which 10 L of fossil fuel makes the car move 2000 meters and make the process more efficient to get everything out of the fuel: Through innovation we can, for example, now drive 3000 meters with the same 10 L of fuel.
This innovation reduces the amount of fuel that we need over time.

Of course, the best solution to make the non-renewable resources last longer is to replace them with renewable resources. In our example, we could instead use green electricity to drive 2000 meters. Then the non-renewable resources last longer!

There are many ways how the non-renewable resources could be replaced, each with its own disadvantages and advantages.
To make electricity out of the sunlight we need solar cells. These cells have to be made in large quantities if we want to keep the world driving as we do now.