What are the main resources of South Africa?

2 Answers
Apr 27, 2018

Machinery, vehicles, aircraft and vessels, pearls, base metals, and mineral products.


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Apr 29, 2018

The resources of South Africa are diamonds, gold, agriculture, great climate, hard working people, an advanced educational system,


The physical resources of South Africa, are fabulous. South Africa is the world's largest producers of diamonds. Diamonds are not only used for jewelry, but for machinery. The Gold mines of South Africa are one of the few gold mines that are still functioning in the world.

The climate of South Africa, is conductive to agriculture. The Protestant French refugees from religious persecution created a rich wine culture. Maize grows amazingly well in South Africa providing food to the population. South Africa is a net exporter of food, not only being able to support its own population but also other nations.

The people of South Africa are an important resource. The Bantu people , The Zulu, Xhosa, Naguni, are hard working people. industrious and talented.

The British created a strong educational system is now open to all the people of South Africa. This educational system has created job opportunities first rate medical facilities and entrepreneurs.

South Africa is one of the most blessed nations in Africa in its varied and rich resources.