What needs of humans impact the marine biome?

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Jan 19, 2018

Many human needs impact the marine biome.


Many human needs impact the marine biome. We indirectly and directly need the ocean and use it in various ways. A few are listed below.

Human needs that directly impact the marine biome :

  1. Fishing and exploitation of marine foods for human consumption. This is likely the most extreme, direct affect we have on the marine biome. Overfishing is a serious problem.
  2. Coastal wind turbines for wind energy. Marine organisms can live off of the large platforms these wind turbines are on. Blue mussels seem to do particular well (read here).
  3. Offshore drilling for fossil fuels. Lights from oil rigs produces light where it otherwise shouldn't be. Noise disrupts marine life. And any disasters leading to an oil spill can endanger and pollute the ocean.

Human needs that have more indirect effects on the marine biome :

  1. Consumption of fossil fuels contributes largely to climate change, which affects the ocean in terms of sea level rise, ocean acidification, loss of Arctic sea ice, and so forth.

  2. Use of fertilizers and pesticides for agriculture cause eutrophication.

You can read more about how human needs affect marine ecosystems here.