What do we mean by concentration with respect to an acid? What is a concentrated acid?

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Aug 20, 2017

The concentration of an acid depends on the number of acidic particles in the solvent.


An acid such as #HCl# decomposes in aqueous (in water) solution according to the following reaction.....

#HCl(g) stackrel(H_2O)rarrH^+ + Cl^-#

Concentration depends on the number of acidic particles per litre of solution, i.e.

#"Concentration"="Moles of solute (mol)"/"Volume of solution (L)"#, and thus it has the typical units of #mol*L^-1#, where #L^-1=1/L^1=1/L#.

Typically concentrated acids are FORMALLY #>1*mol*L^-1#.

Dilute acids have concentrations #<1*mol*L^-1#. Both strong and weak acids can be concentrated. Again the strength (NOT concentration) of an acid depends on the extent of the given equilibrium.

Is this a bit too abstract? Possibly. If you want to clarify your knowledge/understanding please pin us down for an answer.

Aug 20, 2017


I think Simon explained it quite well.