What is a macromolecule?

1 Answer
Dec 29, 2017

Macro- means big
Molecules- electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds

A macromolecule is a very large molecule.


Macromolecules are nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, polyphenols, lipids and macrocycles. They are mostly used biochemistry.

Lipids and macrocycles are non-polymeric molecules.
Nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates and polyphenols are created by polymerization of smaller subunits, monomers.
Two monomers create a dimer. Dimers, trimers, and tetramers are oligomers composed of two, three and four monomers. And a polymer is a molecule of unlimited monomers.


Here you can see a really big molecule, id est, a a polypeptide macromolecule.