A triangle has sides A, B, and C. Sides A and B have lengths of 6 and 9, respectively. The angle between A and C is #(5pi)/24# and the angle between B and C is # (7pi)/24#. What is the area of the triangle?

1 Answer
Jun 10, 2018

#color(red)("Triangle cannot exist with the given measurements."#


#color(purple)(a = 6, hat A = (7pi)/24, b = 9, hat B = (5pi) / 24#

To find the area of the triangle.

THEOREM . #"A greater angle of a triangle is opposite a greater side. Let ABC be a triangle in which angle ABC is greater than angle BCA; then side AC is also greater than side AB"#

#color(brown)("Though " hat A" is greater than "hat B, " side a is less than b."#

Hence a triangle cannot exist with the given measurements.