A triangle has sides A, B, and C. Sides A and B have lengths of 8 and 7, respectively. The angle between A and C is #(pi)/12# and the angle between B and C is # (2pi)/3#. What is the area of the triangle?

1 Answer
Apr 1, 2018

Given measurements do not obey the Greater Angle and Greater Side theorem. Hence triangle cannot be formed.


#a = 8, b = 7, hatB = pi/12, hat A = (2pi)/3#

To find area of the triangle.


#color(brown)("As per the Greater Angle and Greater Side theorem"#

#color(crimson)(a > b " since" hat A > hat B#

#color(red)(a < b " though " hat A > hat B#

Hence cannot form a triangle with the given measurements.