Are covalent bonds formed between two nonmetals?

1 Answer
May 8, 2015

A covalent bond is a force of attraction that holds together two atoms.

Each atom wish to fullfill the octet rule. Covalent bonds are more of the sharing of electrons and therefore, it can only occur in non-metals.

Note that there are two types of covalent bond:

Polar Covalent:When electrons are shared unequally.

Non Polar Covalent: When electrons are equally distributed.

To determine if the covalent bond is polar or non-polar, we look at their electromagnetivity. Electromagnetivity is the ability of an atom to attract electrons to itself.

If the difference is <0.5, then it's non-polar. If it's 0.5-1.7, then it's a polar bond.

Depending on their arrangement of atoms, covalent compounds with polar bonds may be polar or nonpolar.