Can someone list examples of ecological/environmental, social/economic and political effects of climate change?

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Mar 20, 2016

The major items you need to consider here are:
1) Land and Agriculture fate under Climate Change (CC)
2) Water - rivers, lakes and their fate under CC
3) Air - quality and its impact on health and Fauna and Flora
4) Health - impact of CC on health on Human Population
5) War and Peace - Impact of Water on Geopolitics and War and Peace


Social Economic:
1. Small farmers will feel the effects especially in poor regions
2. Rural and urban poor are the hardest hit (think Katrina in New Orleans)
3. Unequal capacity to adopt for Developing countries: Dev countries who did not significantly contribute to the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, will now be at an even greater disadvantage when it comes to dealing with the effects of climate change because of lack of resources and budget...
4. Women, children, and the elderly will become even more vulnerable: In rural areas of developing countries it is often the responsibility of women and children to collect firewood and water, yet decreasing supplies is resulting in more work and less time for other tasks as they now often have to go further distances to find supplies.
5. Communities will be forced to relocate: Many communities will be forced to move as they are exposed to rising sea levels, extreme drought that puts strain on resources, or even extreme rainfall that becomes the norm.

1) Air and Water Quality Impact
Air and water quality will suffer. Low river flows and higher water temperatures will raise water pollution concentrations.
2) Ozone and smog concentrations will rise with higher air temperatures and growing energy use.
3) Smoke from fires and dust from dry arid landscapes will raise particulate concentrations affecting, health - Asthma, Cancer etc.
4) Water Scarcity: Climate change is reducing precipitation, and these declines are projected to continue.
5) Runoff in river systems that Nations water supply depend on for direct use and for groundwater recharge will decline, exacerbating water supply shortages that are already evident.
6) River system are already overstretched and will be unable to meet future demand
7) This will have political impact between Nations and States. Read the the issue on "Millennium Dam" on the Blue Nile. This triggered dispute between Egypt and Ethiopia which is bellicose if not not resolved may trigger regional war.
8) Reduced precipitation, increasing heat and evapotranspiration from soils and plants are making serious droughts a more frequent occurrence. WE are seeing unprecedented drought event in California, Texas, Ethiopia etc.

You have enough points here. Take this and elaborate