Can someone tell me how to use the Socratic app? Thanks

1 Answer
Jul 26, 2017

Of course!


You can find detailed info on how the Socratic app works in this blog post.

The idea is that the app helps students answer their homework questions by providing them with relevant content in the form of

  • explainers #-># content created by the Socratic team and their collaborators
  • videos
  • definitions
  • Q&A #-># content available online on various platforms, including on the Socratic website

So the idea is that you take a picture of your question using your smartphone--the app works on iOS and Android devices--then sit back and wait for the app to do its things, i.e. bring up content that you can use to learn how to answer the question.

To quote the team

Point the camera at your homework question and Socratic will teach you how to answer it! The Socratic app combines cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) with amazing educational content to make learning on your phone easy.

So just get your smartphone ready and give it a test drive! :D

By the way, did you know that the Socratic app is available in #6# languages? Give this blog post a read for more info on that and on how the Android version of the app works.