Can vitamins treat someone with psychosis?

1 Answer

Psychosis is the result of damaged, underdevelopment or improper development, of the brain and it's parts.

Its usually characterized by the impairment in judgement in one's morals or ethics.


Psychosis is a life-long condition, its not a disease, its an abnormality. It never be treated but it can be suppressed and controlled.

There are prescribed drugs, which can be provided by your Local psychiatrist/clinician, these drugs can manage symptoms of psychosis, it will never guarantee cure.

There are also treatments and programs, which can be conducted by your local psychotherapist, these can help the individual and the family cope up with the disorder.

The brain is the only part of the body, which lacks the ability to efficiently repair itself and its parts. That's why having psychosis, also means a life-long struggle.

Besides Vitamins cannot treat psychosis, the role of vitamins, is to provide and supplement vital nutrients to an organisms, Vitamins can only manage nutritional deficiencies, not mental abnormalities.