Can we have a separate English section for Literature?

I've noticed that our English Grammar section also has some questions about literature. I think that if we could separate grammar from literature, it'd help reduce literature questions in grammar and help people who need help with grammar find what they need and people who need help with literature can get help with literature.

1 Answer
Mar 23, 2017

Yes, but not anytime soon.


English Grammar and English Literature are not separate subjects on Socratic because we only managed to get one of those subjects through beta.

The team focused on English Grammar because we managed to get at least #8# founders to help this subject graduated from beta.

English Literature was supposed to follow suit, but it never managed to get to at least #8# founders before the team decided to suspend the release of new subjects on the site.

Now, to answer your question, yes, we can separate English Grammar and English Literature, but that will most likely not happen anytime soon. Any major change in subject infrastructure will require a decent amount of work, which is something that the team cannot spare at the moment.

Long story short, the app is now the team's top priority, which basically means that we have to make do with what we have at the moment.