Draw the shape of the #ClF_2^+# ion, including any lone pairs, and name the shape made by the atoms? Predict the bond angle in the ion?

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Dec 12, 2017

The molecular shape is "bent", with a theoretical bond angle of 109.5°.


Step 1. Draw the Lewis structure

We put the least electronegative atom in the centre.

We have #"7 + 2×7 -1 =20"# electrons to fit around the atoms so that every atom gets an octet.

This gives us

Lewis structure
(Adapted from Quora)

Step 2. Determine the shape of the ion

The central atom has two lone pairs and two bonding pairs (four electron domains).

According to VSEPR theory, this predicts a tetrahedral electron geometry.


The molecular geometry includes only the bonding pairs, so the molecular shape is bent, with a theoretical bond angle of 109.5°.

(The actual #"F-C—F"# bond angle is only 104.5°, due to repulsion by the lone pair electrons.)