How can I find another Socratic user on the site?

1 Answer
Jul 2, 2015

You can find another user on Socratic by typing the person's name into the search bar (top right of your screen!).


If you'd like to find another user's profile or send him or her an @mention, you can use the search bar to find them.

Enter their name into the search bar, and you'll see a bunch of results related to Socratic answers, but you'll also the best two user results at the bottom of the preview list:

enter image source here

If the person you were searching for isn't one of those first two, click "see all results" and scroll down to the "people" section. You'll see a third result and the option to see even more:

enter image source here

Hopefully, this will help you find the person you're looking for!

Note: Sometimes, it can be tricky to find someone who has a common name. If you're having trouble finding the person you're looking for, read these helpful tips.