How can torque be calculated?

1 Answer
Jul 1, 2014

Torque, or a moment, is defined as the cross product between a force and the position of that force relative to a given point. The torque formula is:

#t = r * F#

Where #r# is the position vector from the point to the force, #F# is the force vector, and #t# is the resultant torque vector. Because torque involves multiplying a position and a force together, its units will be either Nm (Newton-meters) or ft-lbs (foot-pounds).

In a two-dimensional setting, torque is simply give as the product between a force and a position vector which is perpendicular to the force. (Or also the component of a force vector perpendicular to a given force vector).

You will often see a torque specification recorded on truck commercials because it reflects the ability of the engine to transfer rotational motion into linear motion. (Drive shaft turns the axles of the car).