How did scientists determine the size of the universe?

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Aug 6, 2016

From the #estimates# of distances of the most distant objects. As of now, the most distant object is likely to be at 13.77 billion light years.. For size of our universe, this is doubled.


Photometric redshift estimates give approximations to the distances

of the most distant objects, in billion light year (Bly) units, .

The maximum is estimated as 13.77 billion light years. This is just the

distance between the farthest and the Earth.

Earth is not the center of our universe, but at the fringe..

So, there are reasons for the surmise that the center is away at

about 13.77 Bly.

At any instant, the Earth is in one of the infinite directions, from the


So, the size is 2 X 13.77 Bly.