How do acids and bases react?

1 Answer
Jun 24, 2017

A strong acid and base effectively neutralize each other, hence neutralization reactions.


For instance,

#NaOH (aq) +HCl (aq) -> NaCl (aq) + H_2O(l)#

In more detail, the ions of each dissociate in a solution, and bond together to form new compounds: usually a water and a salt. By extension, only strong acids and bases completely dissociate and reliably complete such a reaction. Sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acids are a strong base and acid, respectively.

#Na^+ (aq) + (OH^-) (aq)+ H^+ (aq) + (Cl^-) (aq)-> Na^+ (aq)+ (Cl^-) (aq)+ H_2O(l)#