How do I make a hashtag character appear as a hashtag character in a Comment (or anywhere else I assume)?

Enclosing the hashtag in quotation marks did not seem to work.

Enclosing the hashtag in quotation marks did not seem to work.

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Jan 12, 2018


Use a line break to separate the hashtags.


To add the # symbol in answers and in comments, include a line break in between any two hashtags symbols. This will prevent the editor from converting everything written in between the two hashtags symbols to math text.

So, for example, I used a # symbol in the previous paragraph and I can use one in this paragraph because I inserted a line break--newline, or simply an EOL character--to separate the paragraphs.

For illustration purposes--I'm pretty sure you've seen this happen before--I'll use two # symbols in the same line.

If you use one # symbol in a paragraph and forget to do a line break, the editor will simply use the second # symbol to convert everything written after the first hashtag and before the second one to math text.

enter image source here

So as long as you have one # symbol per line, you should be in good shape.

Now, writing a hashtag symbol in between hashtags, i.e. getting the editor to format a hashtag symbol as math text, is a little more tedious mainly because I don't remember how to do it :D

I'll try to see if I can find a reference somewhere and come back to edit this answer.

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