How do I make sideways brackets in Socratic?

I've seen them used in other answers. I'm looking to write something like this:

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But using Socratic instead of having to make my own images.

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Jun 3, 2017

Give this a read!


Your tool of choice here is the underbrace( )_( ) function, which has the following syntax

underbrace(whatever)_(what you want to have under whatever)

For example, you can use underbrace()_() to write something like this

  • without hashtags

b^color(blue)(4) = underbrace(b * b * b * b)_(color(blue)(4))

  • with hashtags

#b^color(blue)(4) = underbrace(b * b * b * b)_(color(blue)(4))#

Similarly, you can use overbrace( )^( ) to write something like this

  • without hashtags

b^color(blue)(4) = overbrace(b * b * b * b)^(color(blue)(4))

  • with hashtags

#b^color(blue)(4) = overbrace(b * b * b * b)^(color(blue)(4))#

Give this old answer a read for more examples and ways to stack characters.

Cheers! :D

PS: You can always "steal" formatting techniques from other contributors by checking out their answers in edit mode.

So when you see something you like, just click on the Edit button and check out the formatting syntax. You can exit without editing the answer by clicking on 'Cancel'.