How do we see the observable universe?

1 Answer
Mar 30, 2016

Either via visible light or by using sensor which detect the extremes of the light spectrum.


Since the first telescope was produced, manned has peered into space with ever bigger and better telescopes. This type of telescope, however, is limited to visible light only. The Hubble telescope collects light over a period of time. The light it captures is unsullied by the earth's atmosphere and therefor gives us extremely clear pictures of distance galaxies and objects. The ability to focus on one particular portion of the universe, say a galaxy sitting abt 13 billion light years out, allows for the continuous collection of light (data) from that galaxy which in turn allows for a better picture. Think of it this way: if Hubble took a one second picture of that distant galaxy it might gather in 1000 data points. But by extending the data collected into minutes, hours and even days, it can collect billions and billions of data points.