How do you do inverse trig functions on the calculator for example #sinθ = 0.4#?

1 Answer
Nov 29, 2015

It will depend upon your calculator. Look for one of the following: sin^(-1), arcsin, or asin.


Typically this would be a "2nd function" key,
so you would hit

  • "2nd Function",
  • #sin^(-1)# (or whatever you have),
  • the value (in this case (0.4),
  • then the "enter" or "=" key.

Digging through the drawers of my desk I found 4 old calculators; combining that with Excel that I often use as a calculator:
- two use #sin^(-1)#
- two use #"asin"#
- one uses #"arcsin"#

To further confuse matters one of the ones that uses #sin^(-1)# returns a value in degrees and the other four return values in radians.