How do you find the exact value of #arcsin(1/3)#?

1 Answer
Aug 14, 2018

You get my answer, from my explanation.


In general, any value is transcendental. Yet, define units like

second, ounce, foot, dollar, ... and express values, rounded to

nearest unit .

In the values of arcsin that #in [ - pi/2, pi/2 ]#, a particular value,

say 0.1 rad = (0.1/pi ) 180^o = 5.729577951...^o is transcendental.

For that matter,

arcsin ( 1/3) = 19.47122063...^o = 0.339836836909... rad.

In my opinion, all irrational values are transcendental that defy

rational form ( integer )/( integer ).

In classification of real numbers, Foundation Mathematical

Philosophy is not firm.