How do you find the quotient of (3x^2 - 2x - 4) by x-3?

1 Answer
Nov 10, 2015

Use the method of long division as shown below.


In step 1, divide the first term of the divisor into the first term of the dividend (in descending powers) and write the result at the top.
In step 2, multiply the result back into the whole divisor and write the new result at the bottom.
In step 3, subtract this answer from the dividend, keeping like terms under each other. Write answer at bottom.
in step 4, bring down the remaining term in the dividend.
Repeat process steps 1 - 4 until no more terms to bring down.
Any terms remaining at bottom is the remainder and the final answer is the factor left at the top, plus the remainder over the divisor.
Detail below.
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