How do you find the slope and intercept to graph #y = 2x#?

1 Answer
Feb 6, 2016

Since we're already in slope-intercept form, the slope and intercepts are very simple to find.


The slope is 2. In slope intercept form, y = ax + b, the slope is always the x coefficient, a, which in this case is 2.

To find the x and y intercepts, you just plug in 0 for x and y, depending on which you want to find.

Y intercept:

y = 2(0)

y = 0

The y intercept is (0,0). In y = ax + b, the y intercept is at b. It works just as well in this case, because b = 0 the y intercept is at (0, 0)

X intercept:

0 = 2x

#0/2# = x

0 = x

The x intercept is also at (0,0). So, the line passes by the origin with a slope of 2.

We can now graph: graph{y =2x [-10, 10, -5, 5]}