How do you graph #-3x+7y=21#?

1 Answer
Dec 8, 2017

See below...


Make it into a y= equation first.


#-3x+3x+7y =21+3x#



From this equation, we can see that this line would have a y intersection at 3. So label the point at (0,3)

We also know that the coefficient before the x represents the slope. So slope is 3/7. Slope is also #(rise)/(run)#. (From the points, you rise 3 - since its positive - and run 7 times on the grid - to the right since it’s positive.)

Since we found point (0,3) you can add 3 on the y coordinate, and 7 on the x coordinate to find other points. Then taking those points, you can draw the line to your graph.

Your graph should look something like this enter image source here