How do you graph #f(x)=xcosx# and include two full periods?

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Jan 16, 2017

Graph is inserted.


Similar questions appeared before.

#f(x) is periodic with period P, if f(x+P), and P is the least such

positive value.

Here, in x cos x, cos x is periodic but x cos x is non-periodic.

So, I understand your period as the period of the factor cos x and

this P is #2pi#.

So, my Socratic graph is for a span of #2(2pi)=4pi==12.57#, nearly.

This part appeard to be periodic. But the whole grph in non=periodic. See the second graph.

graph{x cos x [-6.28, 6.28, -3.7, 3.7]}

graph{xcosx [-50.24, 50.24, -29.6, 29.6]}