How do you graph the exponential function #f(x) = 6^x#?

1 Answer
Feb 29, 2016

You must create a table of values.


In your table of values you plug in a point for x, say 1, and you get a y value (6 in this case). Once you have at least four of these points, preferably some negative and some positive, you can graph your exponential function.

A few tips to remember:

-Try to be as precise as possible.

-Don't forget, an exponential function is not a linear function: it must be shaped as a smooth curve.

Here is your graph:

graph{y = 6^x [-10, 10, -5, 5]}

Practice exercises:

  1. Graph #4^(2x - 1)#. Ensure to have at least 4 significant points on the graph.

Good luck!